The Philligees (Ang Pilipinashi) is a East Asian 'Gees Universes. It is allies with the Tyty109 Universe. The capitol city is Manileegee. 47% of the population is humans. The remaining 53% are Weegees and Fakegees. The economy of the Philligees is mostly based on tourism as many planets have beaches and some are even completely covered in water. The government has its own company the manufactures and runs cruise ships, hotels and resorts called Phillipineegian Luxury Co.


Weegees and Humans SegrogationEdit

Before 1494, The Philligees was only Weegees. But then, a bunch of Humans moved in. The leader, who was a Fakegee passed a bunch of pointless laws that defied civil rights and stuff. Schools, buses, water fountains and even bathrooms had some for Weegees and some for Humans. Then one day, a human named Parks Rosa shook her butt at the law by not giving up her seat on a bus. She was taken to jail. This encouraged all the Humans to revolt against the govenrment and so the Philligees Civil War began!

Philligees Civil WarEdit

The war started on November 14, 1537 when a mob of Humans invaded the capitol, Manileegee. They assassinated the president. However, they were stoped before overtaking the government by police. Then on December 15th, the rebels bombed Manileegee. It was then an all out war for control over the government. The war lasted 3 years until the rebels won by defeating the government army in Cebu. The laws were destroyed and peace followed.

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