Super evil guy super show

The title card

The Super Evil Guy Evil Show (Sometimes called the Super Evil Guy Super Show) is a super evil TV show that was created by Evil Guy. It was created in 1993 when Evil Guy wanted to become more popular, and make more people become evil.

After 6 seasons, the shows ratings were so low, SMKB said that if their ratings didn't get better, they would take them off the channel. Evil Guy responded by adapting the current show into The Super Evil Guy Evil Anime, which received better reviews.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Evil Guy
  • Pickle
  • Fernando
  • New Mario
  • New Luigi


Evil Guy and his minions Pickle and Fernando live in Evil Guy Tower in the Red Forest. They go about the UnWorld looking for Cupcake factories to destroy. They also defend themselves from New Mario and New Luigi, who often try to kill them and destroy Evil Guy Tower.


Most people thought the show was full of crap and hated it, but there were some political movements caused by this show including the uprising of Pickles in the Bowser UnWorld Territories and the uprising of Letters in the same place creating Alphabeta out of pure evil. Some people really liked the show and created a huge fandom about it somewhere on the Interwebz. It was rated 1.5/5 stars by ShamesCourse and -5/5 by AnimeCourse (Despite it being live action, that shows really how much it was hated by those guys)