Toad Town is the capitol city of the Mushroom Kingdom. Despite the name having "Town" in it, it is a huge city with tons of skyscrapers. It is where Mario, Luigi, Peach and some other guys live. Toad Town is the seat of the Mushroom Goverment and is where Peach Castle, the capitol building, is. Toad Town is cramped in a very small area between Hammer Bro. Forest, the Mushroom Mountains and the Toadwood Forest so there isn't much space. Because of this, there are no roads for cars. All roads are for walking. If you drive to Toad Town, then you must park your car beneath the city in a huge parking garage. (Like in Dubai)

Notable SitesEdit

  • Peach Castle - The capitol building of the Mushroom Kingdom. Everything MK government happens in here.
  • The SMKB Tower - The SMKB (Super Mushroom Kingdom Broadcasting) Tower is a huge tower where the company SMKB broadcasts all of its media. It's a huge tower and is the tallest free standing structure in the Mushroom World. People are aloud to go up to the top and get an amazing view.
  • Coconut Mall - The largest mall in the MK and the whole Mushroom World, Coconut Mall sell just about anything you can think of. Groceries, clothes, food, etc.
  • Freedom Monument - This monument is a sign of the Mushroom Kingdom's freedom against Toadland. It is a huge obelisk capped in gold with Latin inscriptions at the bottom. It is made of pure marble.
  • Traditional Village - This small village in the center of the city, with a perfect view of the castle, is an old village of traditional Mushroom houses. Some people liver here and some houses are historic mueseums.
  • MKS Headquarters - The Mushroom Kingdom Subway Headquarters, or MKS, is the main Mushroom Kingdom Subway Station in the Mushroom Kingdom. It goes on a round trip to every major city in the MK.
  • Toad Town International Airport - This airport is one of the only ways into the city besides driving so it is always packed. The airport is open 24 hours a day and is so big, it has a hotel, mall and spa!
Toad Town
—  Capitol  —
An older photo of Toad Town with the Mushroom Mountains in the background.
Country Mushroom Kingdom
Planet Mushroom World
Founder Princess Peach
 • Type Mayor-Council
 • Princess Peach