Typical Day in the Office

A regular day at the office for Toka

Toka Ryuumonbuchi (Sometimes spelled Touka) was the tyrannical ruler of Germany from 1551-1553. Toka was an evil, harsh, tryannical ruler and punished the citizens of Germany who dare question her rule or dislike Cheese. She died in 1553 by intentional food poisoning in a plate of spaghetti.

Early LifeEdit

Toka's true parents are unknown, but are said to have had her on a vacation to Germany from Japan. Since she was born in Germany, she was a German citizen, and her parents were forced to leave her. They put her up for adoption right before they caught the last flight back to Nagano. She was adopted by the royal family of Germany at the time and inherited the throne after her father's tragic death in 1551.


Recently, Toka has been reserected along with Adolf Hitler by Un Ded and now they both rule Germany with iron fists.


Toka Ryuumonbuchi was the most feared of all of the German Führers. She ofter burned down entire houses simply because they "Looked ugly" She also treated the whole German population like dirt, she bossed people around and punished those who didn't. During Toka's rule, more people were arrested and executed in all of German history. She also loved cheese. In fact, she loved cheese so much that if you DIDN'T love cheese and "You Dare Live In Germany" then you were executed.

In Saki: The Lovely Show Spying On The Lives Of All Our Favorite CharactersEdit

Toka Ryuumonbuchi, because of her Japanese heritage, is a main character in the anime Saki: The Lovely Show Spying On The Lives Of All Our Favorite Characters, even though the show started in the year 1590, 37 years after Toka's death. When she was resurected, she threatened Japan with nuclear missiles to take her off the show, as it was an "Embarassment to her authority" The Japanese responded right away and in the next episode of Saki, Toka moved to Soviet Russia and was never seen again on the show.