File:Tokyo, Japan - seen from the North Observatory 45th floor - Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku..jpg

Tokyo is the capitol of Japan (UnWorld). It is located on the island Honshu. Tokyo is really big. It is so big, it is kind of undescribable. Over 500 million people live in Tokyo. In fact, so many people live there, that scientists theorized that the sheer amount of people living in Tokyo will cause the island to sink. But, Dr. Scientisteegee says thats impossible. Not only is Tokyo huge, it is also awesome. 82% of all media in the UnWorld comes from Tokyo and 82% of that is in the form of Anime. The city was found exactly 2 seconds after Japan was. The reason why Tokyo is so huge is because lots of people like Japan and they also like media and cities so they all moved to Tokyo.