Pure Evil

Gender: Male
Eye color: White
Species: Altered Human
Home: Trollface Galaxies
Likes: To grief, troll, spam, raid, steal, etc.
Dream: To grief everything in the Trolliverse
Education: Taught how to troll by an internet video
Occupation: Troller, griefer, spammer, etc.
Known For: Trolling, griefing, spamming, etc.
15px-Cquote1 Imma Trollin' Ya House 15px-Cquote2

The Trollface is one of the most evil beings to have ever existed. He goes around the Trolliverse and other universes destroying, trolling, spamming and stealing. Authorities have tried to stop him but were defeated by his Pure Troll Energy. Trollface has been to the Tyty109 Universe, but he liked it a little and didn't do THAT much damage. (He just completely destroyed an entire planet) He is allies with the Derp Face and rivals with the Awesome Face and the fakegee, Trollgee. He has an army of clones of himself that he made using a cloning machine. One of his clones got the Weegee Virus and became Trollgee. Trollgee became rivals with the Trollface and they now compete to see who is the best troll.

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