The Trolliverse

The Trolliverse is a gigantic cluster of floating in the centre of the Known Dimension. The Trolliverse itself has no government. Instead, it has lotsa universes inside of it, and all these universes have governments.

There are some universes outside the Trolliverse that orbit it's centre.

The Trolliverse's shape is the shape of the Trollface. It is estimated that from one end to the other is 900000000000000 lightyears. All of the lines that make up the shape come from Gravity Bands, one of two froms Gravity takes in the Known Dimension. Although mose universes are inside the gravity bands, some are not. An example of this is the UnWorld and the Trollface Galaxies. The direct centre of the Trolliverse is around the nose. It is a star owned by Chuck Norris and the Trolliverse Isles, home of Pureegee orbit this star.


The Trolliverse has many names and many different cultures that were able to observe it with the naked eye from their home planet also developed words for them. The universal name for it is the Trolliverse, which comes from Troll - the Trollface shape of the cluster and Verse - a universe. However, some languages already had names for it, and use these in informal conversations. For example, the Chinesegees call the Trolliverse Jumotaiyang, meaning "Troll Sun".


The Trolliverse was created on the 2nd day of the Known Dimension's existance by Chuck Norris. It was created 1 day after Beast~Node was created, because Chuck Norris wanted stars to look at.

Cultural InfluensesEdit

Ancient civilisations that started on planets where the Trolliverse was visible to the naked eye often regarded the Trollface as one of their gods watching over them. This is true in the Spaghetti religion in the Spaghetti Universe.

Universes inside the Trolliverse (Largest)Edit

  • Tyty109 Universe
  • United 'Gees Universe
  • Empire of Planktopoli
  • Beegee Universe
  • Trollface Galaxies
  • Trolliverse Isles
  • Nyanverse
  • Awesomeverse
  • Fortran Memorial Galaxies
  • Paperverse
  • Portal Universe
  • Cat Universe

Universes just outside the TrolliverseEdit

Trolliverse AreaEdit

The Trolliverse Area usually is used to refer to in or near the Trolliverse. Basically, the Trolliverse's Universes and the Trolliverse Outskirts Universes. The extent of the Trolliverse Area is the extent of the Trolliverse's gravity field.

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