Tyty109 Universe
Tyty109 Universe

The Epic Universe

Leader: Tyty109
Capitol: Epicopolis
Official Language: English, Cosmicese
Largest City: Epicopolis
Population: 322,352,352,867,984,376,289,375,897,426
Government Type: Empire
Currency: Tyty109ian Coin
Dimension: The Known Dimension
Demonym: Tyty109er

The Tyty109 Universe is a universe that is in the Trolliverse. The closest universe to it is the United 'Gees Universe.


The layout of galaxies across the Tyty109 Universe was designed by Tyty109 while he was creating it. Most galaxies are inside the long lines of color and in large masses such as the huge one next to the smiley face.

Ally UniversesEdit


The following universes are part of the Tyty109 Universe but aren't connected to it. They are commonwealths or territories.


The Tyty109 Universe is a absolute monarchy. Tyty109 has full control over the people, although he does not like to abuse his powers and never does. There is some democracy, for example: if there is a dicision to be made over annexing a universe, then there will be a vote.


Tyty109ian culture is very similar to Japanese culture. Tyty109 decided this because he thinks Japangee is awesome. There is also some unique culture too.


The Tyty109 Universe imports a lot of its resources and exports luxuries and cheese.


The Tyty109 Universe has a very large military budget. They have their own special type of starship that is equipped with lotsa weapons. Every planet in the universe is protected with one of these.

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