The UnRank is a rank given to every creature in the Known Dimension. Every Universe in the dimension uses it because Chuck Norris made them. It is a mixture of one's Power Level, Awesomeness Level, Legitimacy Level and Intelligence Level and was created by Chuck Norris and The Undefeatables. The higher one's UnRank, the better and more legendary they are in the interuniversal hiearchy. People with high UnRanks are often very respected, people with decent ones treated as peers and people with low ones, losers. One's UnRank can either go up or down depending on what they do. For example, if a loser with an UnRank of 1 somehow manages to find something awesome like Adobe, their UnRank will go up. If a legend with an UnRank of 10,000 is caught robbing a bank or defying The Undefeatables, his UnRank will go down. Certain interavals on the UnRank scaled have titles, and one between that tier and the next is considered part of that class. For example: the Legend Class is 9000 - 100,000 UnRank, so if a guy had an UnRank of 15,000, he would be considered a Legend.

How to find one's UnRankEdit

Main article: How to find your UnRank

There are many devices around the Known Dimension that can automatically measure one's UnRank, including the UnScale, a huge scale at Beast~Node that measures Legends and higher's UnRank. There is also a mathmatical formula to detremine the UnRank.

UnRank = Power Level + Awesomeness Level + Legitimacy Level + Intelligence Level / 4

Basically, it is the average of the for other ranks.

Ranks and TiersEdit

Title Range Description
Low Losers 1-99 These people are very low and are losers.
Lowlings 100-449 These people are low, and have commited some pretty bad stuff to get here
Below average 450-999 People below the averge person.
Average Average 1000-3500 Averge people off the streets. Humans are born here at 1,000 and this class is the most populus.
Above Average 3500-4999 People who are pretty cool and often appear on TV and the news for awesome stuff.
Awesome 5000-7499 Awesome people that lotsa other people have heard of.
Epic Epic 7500-8999 People that are Epic and are heard of Interuniversally! However, not yet the stuff of legends.
Legendary 9000-49,999 People who are absolutely Legendary and are heard of and legendary stories. Legends can now enter Beast~Node.
Boss 50,000-299,999 People who are bosses. They rule over other people AND are legends.
LIKE A BOSS 300,000-799,999 People in this category are BOSSES and get pretty much anything they want ALL THE TIME.
Godship Deity 800,000-99,999,999 These people are gods and have god-like powers.
Post-god 100,000,000-999,999,999 People above the gods. They are masters of everything and every power.
Undefeatable 1,000,000,000 People in an elite group called The Undefeatables.
Chuck Norris Infinity Only Chuck Norris has this rank.
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