UnWorld Japan (抗世日本) is a country in the UnWorld that is ruled by Aikiko Mashu. It is devided up into 4 regions: Great Britain, Mongolia, Scandinavia and Japan. The capitol is Tokyo. The currency is Yen and the official language is Japanese.


Japan is the leading exporter of Shames. They have LOTS OF media. In fact, 99% of all of the media in the UnWorld comes from Japan. In Japan, there are so many anime TV shows, channels don't have a number because that number would be well OVER 9000. Instead, they have a name. So you type in a name of a channel instead of entering a number to switch to it. Japan also has rich traditional culture as well. There are lotsa building even today built like traditional buildings.


Transportation inside the a region is done mostly by superfast monorail trains. However, Japan's regions aren't connected so they drilled lotsa tunnels beneath the surface to connect monorail lines to other regions without going into other countries' territories.



  • Shames
  • Anime
  • Cars
  • Cell Phone Cases
  • Lasers
  • TVs
  • Computers
  • Shaming Systems
  • Learn to speak Japanese books
  • Electronics
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Fancy Japanese Clothes
  • Sushi
  • Other Seafood


  • Steel
  • Machinary
  • Coconuts
  • Crops
  • Adobe
  • Learn to speak English and other languages that aren't Japanese books
  • Boring Western Clothes

Land of Awesome

Official Name: Empire of UnWorld Japan
Leader: Aikiko Mashu
Capitol: Tokyo
Official Language: Japanese
Largest City: Tokyo
Allies: UnAmerica, China, Ducky Empire, Squadala Empire
Enemies: Hyrule
Population: 30,960,927,362,357
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Currency: Yen
Demonym: Japanese
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