The UnWorld Mushroom Kingdom Colony is a country on the UnWorld that is owned by the Mushroom Kingdom in the Mushroom World in the United Universe of Shrooms.



The colony was started when Peach wanted a colony on the UnWorld. However, all of the land was all taken up. So she called up Sparta and asked to buy some land. Sparta offered the Italian Peninsula and some land north of that for 1000000000000 Coins. Peach bought it and started the first city, Mushroom City, in her new land.

1st Ducky WarEdit

During the conflicts of the 1st Ducky War, Ducky's forces invaded the Mushroom Kingdom, but Mario sent the Goomba Brigade to stop them.


The economy operates under the official bank of the Mushroom Kingdom in the Mushroom Kingdom. The monotary unit is coins. 

Overall, the economy is strong due to the enjoyment of the Mushroom Kingdom's superpower economy in the Mushroom World.
Mushroom Kingdom UnWorld Colony
and largest city
Mushroom City
Official languages English
Ethnic groups Humans
Demonym Mushroomian
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Monarch Princess Peach Toadstool
 -  Colonial Minister Mario
Legislature Parliament
 -  Land Purchase from Sparta 2020 
 -  census 1,913,784,201
Currency Coin (
Date format YY/MM/DD
Calling code +9123
Internet TLD .mk