The United 'Gees Universe is a universe very close to the Tyty109 universe. It is where Weegee, Malleo and Fakegees live. Weegee is the ruler. He lives in the moustache, which is home to the capitol galaxy and capitol planet, which is home to the capitol city, Weegeeopolis. The UGU is also home to Weegee gods. Chroneegee and Galaxeegee live in left and right suns, which are the overall buttons.

Universe LayoutEdit

The United 'Gees Universe's layout was created when the universe was created by Pureegee, Chroneegee and Galaxeegee long ago. The universe was first made to be a contribution to the new intellegent species Gees created by Pureegee, not as a nation universe. It looks just like a weegee.


The United 'Gees Universe has an absolute monarchy government, so Weegee has total power over the government and the people. Government decisions not important enough to be handled by Weegee himself are delt with by the United 'Gees Universe President, who is elected to a 10 year term. Small problems like territorial disputes between privinces will be delt by the president, but anything more urgent will be dealt by Weegee himself.


  • Moustache - Capitol
  • Head
  • Body
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Overall Buttons - Chroneegee and Galaxeegee's homes


The United 'Gees Universe is a superpower in economics. It is very very wealthy and exports lotsa stuff, mostly minerals, fabrics and textiles. Most of this is due to the universe's many factories and huge labour force. The huge larbour force is due to the restictions on other careers.

The economy operates under the Bank of the United 'Gees Universe and issues 'GeeDollars as the basic monotary unit. The UGU has an industrial, highly centralized planned economy. The Central Planning Committee prepares, supervises and implements economic plans, while a General Bureau of Provincial Industry in each region is responsible for the management of local manufacturing facilities, production, resource allocation and sales.

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