The United Shoop Universe is a universe outside the Trolliverse. Is ruled by Cell, who has the power to Shoop Da Whoop and Fire His Lazor. The government is a rupublic under the Council of Shoop and Cell's term as Prime Minister never runs out. The inhabitates of the United Shoop Universe are humans and other creatures that all have the power to Shoop Da Whoop and Fire Lazors. The universe has been around for a long time.


The culture of the United Shoop Universe involves lotsa firing lazors. There are many annual holidays where people just fire lazors at the sky. TV is really popular in the USU aswell as listening to music.

United Shoop Universe
and largest city
Shoopa Da Whoop City
Official languages English
Demonym Shoop
Government Republic
 -  Prime Minister Cell
 -  Vice Prime Minister Randall Octogonopus
Legislature Council of Shoop
Drives on the right
Calling code +17273
Internet TLD .usu
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