Ruler of the United 'Gees Universe

Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Species: Upgraded Human
Home: Weegeeopolis
Likes: To rule the United 'Gees Universe
Fear: Nothing
Dream: To rule the Known Dimension
Education: Teachings from his father
Occupation: Ruler of the United 'Gees Universe
Known For: Being fear but respected at the same time

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Weegee is the great powerful being who rules the United 'Gees Universe. His father is Papa Weegee, his mother is Mashesh, his stepfather is Fortran, his biological brother is Aweeoh and his stepbrother is Malleo.

Rise to PowerEdit

Weegee was born to Papa Weegee and Mashesh, a poor family that didn't have enough money to raise a child. So they put Weegee up for adoption. He was adopted by Fortran, who was the ruler of the United 'Gees Universe at the time. When Weegee got older, Fortran gave up his throne to Weegee and Malleo so he could become a gormet chef. Weegee did the most ruling because Malleo really didn't care for politics.

Weegee's ArmyEdit

Weegee did not like how Fortran rules the United 'Gees Universe, so he made himself supreme leader and made lotsa laws that limited human rights and really cracked down on security. He renamed the capitol city to Weegeeopolis and also made Weegee's Army, a powerful army of millions of Weegee clones.

UGU AggresionEdit

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After he got control of the UGU, tensions diplomatically erupted between it and other universes. Other universes did not approve of Weegee's authority and broke alliances and canceled embassies, others feared this outcome and kept their allieneces. The leader of Japangee said:

15px-Cquote1 I'm not sure that the United 'Gees Universe's new leader is someone I feel comfortable being the ruler of one of Japangee's great allies. 15px-Cquote2
Kaishio Takahatsu

That day he broke an alliance with the UGU.

The Tyty109 Universe, also was not comfortable with the change, but did not break alliences to prevent any wars. However, they are at the diplomatic state of Uneasy.

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