The center of Weegeeopolis. The giant building is the capitol building.

Weegeeopolis is the capitol city of the United 'Gees Universe. It is home to Weegee and Malleo. The city was founded in the year 102383 BC, just a few years after the United 'Gees Universe was created. Its population is 934,123,309,324. It is a popular tourist attraction from around the United 'Gees Universe.

Notable PlacesEdit

  • Capitol Building
  • Weegee's Palace
  • Mama Luigi's Spaghetti Dinner Italian Restaurant
  • Bob The Fakegee's Amusment Park
  • Weegee Observitory
  • Weegee Space Center
  • Weegee Starship Boarding Facility
  • Weegee River
  • Weegee Ocean
  • Weegee Mall
  • Weegee Apartments
  • Hotel Weegee
  • Hotel Malleo
  • Weegee Residence (The N Building)
  • Weegee Studios
  • Malleo's Palace
  • Walleo's Palace
  • Waweegee's Palace
  • Fortran's Palace/Oversized Kitchen


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